Not knowing to whom exactly we owe our thanks (except ultimately the Lord!), we will begin with you (BWM).

As you know, we received word from (a supporting church) that after all their years of supporting us, they were going to have to “drop us” to follow a new direction of philosophy on Missions. Although we would not agree with their new philosophy, we chose to reply to them in the form of just thanking them for their faithful prayer and financial support over the years; and wished them God’s best in the work there.

We did not get upset; we just gave it to the Lord and told Him if He wants us here, we would be trusting Him to keep us here.

Not even 48 hours later, we received your amazing e-mail telling of the special donation made to BWM for missionaries in need; and of your decision to apply that donation to our account to be meted out over the months ahead! We were “over-the-moon” at God’s almost immediate replacement of the funds lost from that supporting church via the special gift from “whomever” from BWM! To say your e-mail was a great encouragement would be highly understated!!!

So, we thank you, Dr. Steadman, for seeing our need and knowing God’s direction to share with us. Also, we would appreciate if you would let us know how to work out getting our thanks to whomever was behind the donation that allowed our being “gifted” to make up the support deficit of that church.
We count ourselves so very blessed to be privileged to serve our great God; and He even enables us to do so!! (Heb. 6:10)

Love – Daniel & Sharon Pero