Email from Charlie:

The pictures (at the bottom of this page) pretty well tell the story. The furniture has changed but the setting and house have not. The total square footage is 1800 feet. The lower level bath room has not been modernized. The person who gave it to us left it as it was when he purchased the home to show the contrast between what it looked like before and after he remodeled it. The bath room is usable but not of the same quality as the rest of the home.

This is a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath A-frame home located on 1.8 acres with 200-300 feet of lakefront. There is also a nice 32x40 foot garage/out building on the property. We will be storing some equipment in that building but could probably leave enough room for a car to be parked there as well.

Decatur Lake was formed by a dam on the Sugar River and the result is a beautiful, quiet and pristine setting. There is a nice golf course across the lake and within walking distance of the property. Immediately across from the home is a wildlife preserve and there are empty lots on each side of the property.  My wife and I have made two trips to the area and each time we saw deer and wild turkey in the yard.

Brodhead Wisconsin is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from the Milwaukee airport, about 2 hours 15 minutes from Ohare airport, 1 hour 15 minutes from downtown Rockford IL. and about 1 hour from Madison Wi.

We would be willing to rent this to missionaries for $600 per month with the understanding that they would pay all utilities and would be responsibility for keeping the property clean and in good physical order. The property is heated with propane and we would expect whoever rented to replace whatever gas they used.  We have a contract with the local supplier at a bulk rate that is locked in for a year.

We realize that all missionaries are of outstanding character but we would be concerned about how the property was maintained and would want to check on it from time to time. Children are not a problem but there is water here and we would expect the parents to be responsible for their safety.

Let me know if you need more information.