Fitzgerald 2014For us, the calling to Peru wasn't like a bolt of lightning. We visited many different mission fields, but the Lord had given us a burden and a love for Peru that wouldn't go away. Also, God had placed Romans 15:20-21 on our hearts, and we knew that He wanted us to give the Gospel to the unreached people groups. Also, God directed through our pastoral leadership and home churches.

Loren and I were both called into missions while on mission trips during our teen years. We were both in remote areas, and had the privilege of giving the Gospel and ministering where otherwise the people might not have heard.

His hand has been overwhelmingly evident in the work. We were thankfully surprised at how quickly He brought us to the field in the first place. For instance, while on furlough, we were praying that God would give us 50% of our needed support by the end of January 2007, after only 8 months of furlough. On January 27 we were still stuck at 33% after several months, but by the 31st, we had 54%! God did that kind of thing numerous times.

When we first arrived in Peru, we only had about a week to get settled before God sent us to the interior jungle for one month. On that trip, we didn't find the uncontacted people groups, like we had hoped, but we did see more than 10 professions of faith from the Yine tribe with whom we were staying! I got to baptize for the first time, and we are seeking to follow-up with them still today.

After that, our things were stuck in customs for many weeks, which ended up costing way more than we had expected, but God provided the necessary funds and more.

It has been proven that the number one reason for missionaries coming home from the field, humanly speaking, is interpersonal problems. We were blessed to be working with several veteran couples who taught us much during our first 18 months on the field, as well as a single missionary who arrived later.

We have been praying diligently that the Lord would allow us access to the unreached people groups in this country, as most of them are protected. Just recently we heard from another missionary about a group, which is nearby, and as far as we can tell still untouched by the Gospel or even civilization. Please pray with us that the Lord will give us access to the Mascho-Piro, and the other uncontacted "kindreds, and tongues, and tribes, and nations" here in Peru.

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