Baptist World Mission is not the missionary arm of a denomination and is not guaranteed support by any association or convention of churches.  It depends on the voluntary support of autonomous local churches and individual donors.  Since BWM is not supported by the unified budget of a denomination, each missionary must raise his support by deputation, trusting the Lord to provide.

Baptist World Mission operates by faith - faith that God will provide the needed financial support through you and others like you; faith that the young people of our Bible-believing Baptist churches will volunteer for service through Baptist World Mission; faith that our missionaries will work diligently and effectively; faith that the fields now open will remain open and that God will open still other doors of service (I Corinthians 16:9); and faith that the leadership of the Mission will ever seek the mind of Christ. 

To exercise faith and not presumption, we require an appointee's support to be subscribed before he leaves for the field.

We are often asked how the BWM home office is supported.  We ask our donors to give to the crucial need of the office and administrative expense.  No money is deducted from a missionary's support, but each missionary raises a set amount apart from his support to help with this need.

Tax-deductible gifts of additional support for a missionary’s ministry at Christmas:
Make your check payable to BWM and include an explanatory note (John Smith - additional support, Christmas). We will apply your gift to the missionary’s ministry/support account and mail you a tax-deductible receipt.

Personal, non-tax-deductible gifts to missionaries for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions:
Make your check payable to BWM with a note indicating the name of the missionary and that your gift is personal and non-tax-deductible (John Smith - personal gift - not deductible, Christmas). We will deposit it directly into their personal account and notify them of your gift. All special Christmas gifts should be received no later than November 30 to insure the missionary will receive it by Christmas.

If you would like to contribute financially to the ministry of Baptist World Mission or to any of our missionaries, you may do so through the following means:

Check/Money Order:
Please make all checks payable to Baptist World Mission. Please specify whether your contribution is for the home office or a particular missionary. Also specify whether your contribution is a one-time gift or if you plan to continue the support in future months.

Baptist World Mission
P.O. Box 2149
Decatur, AL 35602-2149

Gift of Securities:
Baptist World Mission can receive gifts of stock, bonds, etc. for the home office and our missionaries. If you would like to give in this manner, please contact our office.

Non-Cash Gifts:
Baptist World Mission receives gifts to missionaries such as vehicles, generators, etc. These items are typically donated after the donor has heard from a missionary that there is a need for such a gift. We do not have storage facilities and therefore do not accept gifts of this nature where there is not an immediate missionary need. We are grateful for those who have responded and met needs outlined by our missionaries or this home office.