The following sermons were preached at the 50th anniversary annual meeting of Baptist World Mission.  This meeting was held at Marquette Manor Baptist Church in Downers Grove, IL, on October 16-19, 2011.  We hope you enjoy these messages and that your heart will be stirred to "stand and strive for the faith of the gospel."

Dr. Rick Arrowood - "God Works a Work"


Dr. Greg McLaughlin - "Faith"


Dr. Fred Moritz - "Fight the Good Fight of Faith"


Dr. Ed Nelsen - "Double Portion"


Dr. Bud Steadman - "The Burden of the Man of God"


Dr. Bud Steadman - "The Church Still Standing and Striving"


Dr. Wayne VanGelderen - "Do the Work"

The Heritage and Harvest Offering


Baptist World Mission (BWM) is commemorating 50 years of serving some of God’s choicest servants—missionaries!

To further enable our missionaries and to position BWM for future ministry, BWM is receiving a one-time Heritage and Harvest Offering. We are asking churches, supporters, and friends to partner with us in this jubilee year to accomplish something unprecedented in BWM’s 50-year history. Our goal is 100% participation. No gift is too small.


Baptist World Mission has been asked to provide a presentation that can used by pastors who wish their congregations to see the need to financially support BWM in its 50th Anniversary celebration.   As a result, we have created a short video that can be used in local churches everywhere.

BWM provides three means to have access to our 50th Anniversary video to show your church members:
    1.  An on-site Flash video (so you can watch the video in your Web browser)
    2.  A downloadable video (so you can download and save it, watching it without the need of an active Internet connection)
    3.  You can request that we send you a DVD which contains the video

Simply click your choice below:

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Right-click HERE,choosing "save target as" in Internet Explorer or  "save link as" in Firefox to download the MOV-formatted video .  This video is approximately 170MB in size.

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