Baptist World Mission has been asked to provide a presentation that can used by pastors who wish their congregations to see the need to financially support BWM in its 50th Anniversary celebration.   As a result, we have created a short video that can be used in local churches everywhere.

BWM provides three means to have access to our 50th Anniversary video to show your church members:
    1.  An on-site Flash video (so you can watch the video in your Web browser)
    2.  A downloadable video (so you can download and save it, watching it without the need of an active Internet connection)
    3.  You can request that we send you a DVD which contains the video

Simply click your choice below:

Click HERE to view the video within this web browser.

Right-click HERE,choosing "save target as" in Internet Explorer or  "save link as" in Firefox to download the MOV-formatted video .  This video is approximately 170MB in size.

Click HERE to complete our DVD request form and we will send you the video free of charge.