Steps to Becoming A Misionary - ImageThe pathway to the mission field can seem formidable and foreboding, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you are a pastor offering advice or a young person interested in missions, BWM’s 12 steps to the Mission Field provides practical guidance that demystifies the process.

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We all love the song Be a Missionary Every Day because it teaches young and old alike that every Christian needs to be soul-conscious every day. Yet, it is important to also understand that a New Testament missionary is more than a soul-winner. The Apostle Paul and others were God-called and specifically sent from the local church to do a particular task. This downloadable chart below compares various views of what a missionary is and what he must do. It contrasts what BWM would present as a balanced definition with other views which are either too broad or narrow.

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Just as Christians partner with missionaries in prayer, they also share in the fruit of their labors through sacrificial, financial giving. It is a source of great joy to know that our gifts enable missionaries to stand in our stead, preaching the Gospel, and winning precious souls to Christ. The financial cost of taking the Gospel to foreign lands is a formidable barrier to modern missions. While money alone can’t convert a single soul, missionaries are sent and sustained only by the consistent, sacrificial, financial commitment of God’s people. Lack of funds has a detrimental effect upon those who are called to take the Gospel to the world. It can significantly delay the departure of new missionaries. Everyone with a heart for missions is asking, “How can we better finance missions so that we can send and equip all whom God calls?”


In addition to the normal activities conducted during missions emphasis, what follows are some innovative ideas for making your conference extra special!


Click HERE for a sample calendar that you might use (of your missionaries, of course) so that you can pray through your entire missionary group.

*I am going on a mission trip or am going to visit family overseas. My medical insurance will not cover me overseas. What do I do?

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Planning Missions Conferences

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Mr. Michael Williquette, business director for Baptist World Mission, conducted a voluntary survey of missionaries and board members of BWM for the purpose of identifying their positive and negative experiences relating to missions conferences. The survey asked for general opinions and is reproduced below with minimal editing, so the perspective of the various respondents may be seen. Each bulleted paragraph represents the response of one individual.


Is it really necessary for a missionary to serve under a mission board? Some think such an arrangement is unscriptural and bypasses God’s appointed agency-the local church. Is there any legitimate defense of the existence of mission boards?

Some have pointed out that there were no mission boards in New Testament times. This, of course, is true. Neither were there Sunday schools, camps, radio stations, Christian colleges, or seminaries. However, is the existence of such entities unscriptural? Is a mission board unscriptural or may it fit into the pattern of missionary work outlined in the New Testament?