*I am going on a mission trip or am going to visit family overseas. My medical insurance will not cover me overseas. What do I do? http://www.aaintl.com/

*I need help in obtaining visas - http://www.traveldocs.com/visas.htm

*I need help in booking plane tickets for my overseas travel: http://www.thetravelauthority.com

Planning Missions Conferences

*I need missionaries or a speaker for our church’s mission conference. You may contact Baptist World Mission at 256.353.2221 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*I want to contact a missionary but don’t know what time it is in their country. How do I find out? www.timeticker.com Stateside: www.time.gov

*What is the current exchange rate? www.xe.com

* How do I find facts about the country I am interested in? www.cia.gov/library/pulbications

*Where can I purchase banners to advertise my conference? www.churchsupplier.com

*Sign up for the missionary prayer letters of those whom your church supports/how to better pray for missionaries (Attach prayer calendar)

*Prior to your conference ask the missionaries who are coming to give some interesting facts about them or their family. Take their facts and make it into a game for your church to play prior to the conference. On the final night of the conference, reveal the answers.

*Need quotes to use in your conference? (Include list of missionary quotes)


Ideas for Sunday school Classes Caring for Missionaries

MKs – Send a Birthday Box – Make a child’s birthday special by sending them a box including everything they need for a party: decorations, party favors, table cloth and napkins, candles, box of cake mix, can of icing, sprinkles, packets of kool-aid, candy, games, and a birthday present. The child is given the party with all his friends/neighborhood children. Pictures are taken at the party and send back to the Sunday school class. They see the results of their giving to someone. Pen pals can also be developed through this means.

Furloughing/Deputation Missionaries – Along with a love offering, why not consider shaking the missionary’s hand and slipping them some a monetary gift. This not only is blesses the “receiver” but also the “giver.” We can never out give God!!!

Missionary Wives – Having trouble knowing what to do for missionary wives for your conference?

Why not consider giving each one a Wal-Mart gift card. You can also add money to the card throughout the year. This allows them to shop at any Wal-Mart while they are on deputation or reporting to churches.

Why not consider filling a basket of “little” things she might not buy herself: perfume, bath/shower gels, scented candles, gift cards for restaurants, a good book, specialty coffee or tea, mints/gum, cute note cards, jewelry, etc.

Missions Cupboards – Does your cupboard need replenishing? Make a list of items that your cupboard needs. Each week prior to your conference consider putting the item you need in the bulletin to be brought back to church the next week. Include items for both men and ladies. REMEMBER: ONLY BUY ITEMS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE.

Adopt a Missionary

Why not consider adopting a missionary family that your church supports for a year. Not only will you be a blessing to the missionary, but you will receive a benefit too.

How will you be a blessing?

*Your correspondence with them will encourage them.

*Just knowing someone is praying for them is huge comfort.

*Just being there for them; you will develop a wonderful friendship


How will you receive a benefit?

*You will learn more about the needs that missionaries face.

*You will learn more about missions work.

*You will gain new friends.

*You can’t explain the joy you will receive from helping those who serve in far-away places.


Things to do….

*Daily pray for your missionary and the needs that they have. Consider using the missionary prayer calendar.

*Have you considered fasting for the missionary and their needs?

*Send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. (Remember to allow mailing time. Consider using a two-month rule.) Always use the missionary’s overseas address. Sending them to a mission board is not best.

*Get to know your missionary on a personal level. Perhaps every few months you could write them a letter telling them about yourself and what the Lord is doing in your life and in your church.

*Consider sending the missionary a care package once or twice a year. Check with the missionary first as they might have to pay heavy tax or have trouble getting the package out of customs. Should that be the case, considering sending them a monetary gift through their mission board.

*Once a quarter you could call your adopted missionary. It would be a blessing to both of you.



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