Our Staff

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Dr. Bud Steadman began his ministry as Executive Director of Baptist World Mission in April 2009.  Prior to coming to BWM, he served as the senior pastor of Community Baptist Church in South Bend, Indiana, for 13 years.

Bud was born in 1953 in Kingsport, Tennessee, into an unchurched, nominal Christian home.  At the age of 10 he heard the Gospel and was saved through the Bible school outreach of a local Baptist church.  After being called to preach through personal devotions at the age of 15, he attended Bob Jones University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible in 1975 and a Master of Ministry degree in 1990.  He was honored in 1994 by Ambassador Baptist College of Lattimore, North Carolina, with a Doctor of Divinity degree.


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Mike came to BWM from the state of Wisconsin, where he taught in a Christian school for eight years, served as a treasurer for his small town, and did the bookkeeping for his local church. Mike's responsibilities as business director include overseeing those who deal with the day-to-day ministry of donation management and payroll. He also acts as the HR manager for the staff, dealing with such issues as salary structures, health insurance and benefits. As IT manager, Mike sees that the computers and office machines are running smoothly, allowing the staff to work more efficiently to better serve the BWM missionaries and their supporters.



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Dr. Dave Canedy is not new to BWM.  Prior to becoming the deputation director, he served on the BWM board of trustees from 2001-2009 while he pastored Marquette Manor Baptist Church in Downers Grove, Illinois.  He and his wife, Nancy, also served as BWM missionaries to the Maritimes of Canada from 1989-2000.  Their burden for missions began during their youth ministry at Marquette Manor from 1982-89 as they led several mission trips to expose the teens to the mission field.


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Steve Anderson, along with his wife, Martha, came on board with BWM in 1997 as furlough replacement missionaries. They replace BWM missionaries who come back to the States for furlough by keeping their work growing in their absence. In 2002 Steve was appointed as the field administrator for Africa. As the Lord enables, they are presently serving in both of these capacities. The Andersons spent three terms in West Africa prior to serving with Baptist World Mission. That experience has given them a real love for the continent of Africa and its peoples, as well as a burden for its great spiritual needs. Steve is currently field administrator for Africa, U.K. and Ireland, Middle East, and furlough replacement missionaries.



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Dr. Kevin and Tamara Brosnan were originally appointed with BWM in April 1995 and served as missionaries in South Africa for 17 years. The trademarks of their church-planting ministry in Africa were teamwork, vision, training nationals, surveying new fields, and recruitment of missionaries. On May 1, 2009, Kevin became the field administrator for BWM missionaries in Europe and Central Asia.  He also serves as editor of the mission’s newsletter, the Messenger.



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Brother Pat and Mary began their foreign field service as single adults.  Pat was initially appointed to BWM while still single in October 1985.  The Lord brought Pat and Mary’s lives together on the island of Guam, where they were married in 1986.  Together they were appointed to serve as missionary church planters in October 1987.  They departed for Singapore in January 1989, where they planted a church and raised a family of eight children over nearly 18 years. Subsequently, the Lord led them to Taiwan for 3 ½ wonderful years of service.  Throughout all their years in Asia, the Delaneys travelled and ministered in a variety of locations.  Brother Pat and Mary want to use their years of experience to encourage and edify their missionary brethren throughout Asia and Australasia.



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Though joining Baptist World Mission as a field administrator on January 1, 2009, Jesse is no stranger to BWM. Jesse had been a missionary with this organization since his appointment in June 1986. Jesse's work as a missionary produced five churches in Mexico. He brings to BWM one who not only has allowed the Lord to use him to plant local Baptist churches, but to do so using the Spanish language to effectively reach the lost.

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In May of 1998 Carilee Lind came to work for Baptist World Mission as the staff accountant. Along with answering financial questions, Carilee spends a good portion of her time sending funds to missionaries. Our missionaries are given the option to receive a check, a direct deposit, or a wire. Two times a month are set aside for sending funds, as well as sending money throughout the month in case of emergencies. In an attempt to assist the missionary, Carilee takes care of paying many bills for them directly from their BWM account. Some of her other duties include home-office payroll, home-office bills, tax reports, financial reports, and budgets.



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Beth Weaver came to Baptist World Mission in December of 1997. She is our donations entry clerk. She enters the contributions received and makes sure they are allocated to the right accounts. She also keeps the missionary support database up to date. Beth is responsible for producing and mailing the contribution receipts, and she handles all requests for information regarding missionary support status. Along with these duties, she is the foreign missionaries' insurance coordinator.




Tammy Aurand came to BWM in August of 2013; she serves as administrative assistant to Dr. Bud Steadman and Mike Williquette. Her responsibilities include preparing letters, answering the phone, ordering office supplies, proofreading, mail distribution and sending missionary prayer letters to college mission prayer bands. She prepares the packets of information used by BWM board members at all board meetings, in addition to serving as the event coordinator for BWM's spring and executive committee meetings.



bwm web balmerKaylen Balmer began working at Baptist World Mission in January 2014. As administrative assistant to the deputation director, she assists the missionaries from the time they request an application to the time they leave for their chosen field. Some additional duties include processing applications for short-term and long-term missionaries, proofreading the deputation administrator’s correspondence, and coordinating our annual Orientation Seminar and Relationship Seminar.



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Jon Williquette began his internship at BWM in July of 2015. He serves as the administrative assistant to two field administrators, Dr. Kevin Brosnan and Dr. Pat Delaney. Jon is also actively involved in our BWM publications, including the quarterly Messenger as well as the monthly in-house Intercom. In addition, he cares for the advertising of BWM and manages social networking for BWM.



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 Julie Williquette came to BWM in November of 2011 and serves as administrative assistant to both Steve Anderson and Jesse Garza. Her responsibilities include preparing letters, answering the phone, proofing missionary prayer letters and any articles that BWM produces.  



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Ruth travels with her husband to foreign lands, missions conferences stateside, and to BWM meetings. She enjoys encouraging the missionary women of BWM. Her duties in the office include filing missionary prayer letters, corresponding with the missionary ladies, and assisting with projects.

In Ruth's own words, "I enjoy getting to know the missionaries and seeing their work on the field. It is wonderful to see God building His church around the world!"


 Joe Seidel came to BWM in September 2006 and serves part-time, coming in one day a week to process the over 3000 monthly receipts that must be mailed to our faithful group of donors.  He comes with a smile and works diligently to see that each receipt makes it to its intended donor.   


Dr. Dennis Walton - Area Representative for Baptist World Mission.  He can be reached at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Dr. Walton served for ten years with Baptist World Mission as Field Director for Asia and the South Pacific.  He is familiar with mission work in that part of the world and made his home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for much of that time.  He is available for Mission and Bible Conferences and other preaching or teaching opportunities.