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Beth Anne McFadden came to BWM in August of 1998 as Beth Anne Arrowood.  She served as the Deputation Assistant for nearly two years before transferring to the Finance Department where she spent the next 10 years assisting the Business Director, Mike Williquette.  On April 12, 2008, she became Mrs. Beth Anne McFadden.  When the transitions began in 2009, Beth Anne was needed outside of the Finance Department.  In April of 2009, she began serving as the administrative assistant to field administrators.  She serves in this capacity by assisting Dr. Kevin Brosnan and Dr. Pat Delaney.  Beth Anne still retains a couple of her Finance Department tasks, and she continues to be the editor/designer for the quarterly Messenger and the monthly Intercom.  She also cares for the advertising of BWM and is the event coordinator for BWM’s annual meeting.





In her own words:  “I love BWM!  I grew up as a PK and knew about BWM most of my life.  I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to work here!  I enjoy our morning prayer meetings, lunching together, and the team spirit we share in the home office, but most of all, I enjoy serving God’s choice servants—our missionaries!  Some of them have become my very close friends and my own personal prayer warriors.  BWM is a great place to serve, and I am so thankful God has allowed me to be a small part of this great agency given to the task of planting churches worldwide.