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In May of 1998 Carilee Lind came to work for Baptist World Mission as the staff accountant. Along with answering financial questions, Carilee spends a good portion of her time sending funds to missionaries. Our missionaries are given the option to receive a check, a direct deposit, or a wire. Two times a month are set aside for sending funds, as well as sending money throughout the month in case of emergencies. In an attempt to assist the missionary, Carilee takes care of paying many bills for them directly from their BWM account. Some of her other duties include home-office payroll, home-office bills, tax reports, financial reports, and budgets.




In Carilee’s words: “Working at BWM has allowed me to experience many blessings. It is a joy to work with dedicated individuals who believe that what they do is not just a job, but a ministry. This leads to a wonderful work environment and daily Christian fellowship. Each morning we spend time in prayer. Often times we laugh together, but best of all we pray for one another. My position allows me to see first hand that people are sacrificing around the world in order to assist in the spreading of God's Word. I cannot help but rejoice in God's goodness when I have been praying for a missionary's finances and a few hours later I see God provide."