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Dr. Kevin and Tamara Brosnan were originally appointed with BWM in April 1995 and served as missionaries in South Africa for 17 years. The trademarks of their church-planting ministry in Africa were teamwork, vision, training nationals, surveying new fields, and recruitment of missionaries. On May 1, 2009, Kevin became the field administrator for BWM missionaries in Europe and Central Asia.  He also serves as editor of the mission’s newsletter, the Messenger.


In Kevin’s words:  “I personally believe the choice of a mission agency is even more significant than the choice of a field.  My appreciation of BWM only grew during the years that I served as a missionary with them. I always felt the mission combined all the best that an agency could offer.  They provided the highest level of personalized, professional services while maintaining a family atmosphere.  And, they consistently adhered to their founding principles.  My administrator was never bureaucratic, but always encouraging. I count it a joy to now serve in the administration and make it my goal to carry out that same commitment to those who serve on the front lines of spiritual battle in Europe and Central Asia.”