Don and Jill Vanderhoof

Don and Jill Vanderhoof

Our church, the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde Rureifel (Rureifel Independent Baptist Church), is located in Nideggen, Germany, on the northern edge of the Eifel Mountains.

The Eifel Region is a 2,000-square mile mountainous area on the western side of Germany. It is bordered by the Mosel River on the south and by Belgium on the west. The Catholic Church has ruled this area for centuries and has effectively kept out the gospel’s message. Every town and village has a Catholic Church or chapel, but there are only two Gospel-preaching churches to the German people in the whole of the Eifel.

Within a nine-mile area of our own church, there are 84 towns and villages that have never had anyone bring the gospel’s message to them. We have, therefore, started an evangelistic outreach called Bold Advance 84…and Beyond. We are preparing to canvas every home in these 84 towns and villages with the Gospel. Our canvassing packet will include a tract entitled “Do you really know Jesus Christ?” and information about the church in Nideggen.

We will also be canvassing homes in a German-speaking area in Belgium. This is the “beyond” part of our evangelistic outreach project. We are going beyond Germany’s border into Belgium. There is an area of Belgium that has over 76,000 German residents. All are Catholic and have never had anyone bring the Gospel to them.

If individuals, smaller church groups, or couples would like to help us in this evangelistic canvassing project, we would be glad for the assistance. Please contact us at

We also have plans to begin work on another church plant in the town of Simmerath. With over 17,000 residents, there has never been a gospel witness in the town’s existence.

Our own church has seen God do great things on its behalf. We now have a meeting place located on the town square in what used to be the Catholic Church’s fellowship hall. They sold the building and now, we are renting the first floor from the new owner. God has given us facilities that have a long history with the people in the area. Since the first day of occupancy, the owner has been paying our utilities. God has given us a grand springboard from which we may spread the Good News.

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” — William Carey