Active BWM Missionaries

This list displays all BWM missionaries who wish to be included. For their own safety, not all missionaries are listed.

Mark and Ashley Ackeret – Ecuador
Tiko and Lena Agamalian – Russia
Billy and Sophie Allardice – France
Jake and Ramona Allen – Hungary
Steve and Martha Anderson – Furlough Replacement
Killick and Nehemie Aristide – Haiti
Amanda Baker – England
Barry and Anita Beiles – Spain
Brandon and Regina Bell – Dominican Republic
Branden and Laura Bowen – Madagascar
Norm and Mary Brewer – Albania
Kevin and Mary Brunner – Philippines
Caleb and Kristan Cajiuat – Japan
Gabriel and Rebekah Chauvie – Uruguay
Ben and Lauren Childs – Papua New Guinea
Nathan and Kristin Childs – South Africa
Scott and Melody Childs – Australia
Jodie Clark – Australia
Sharon Clark – Uruguay
Roberto and Patricia Coelho – Brazil
Craig and Leanna Comstock – New Zealand
Matt and Rebekah Cook – Australia
Dan and Joan Cuthbertson – Ivory Coast
Seth and Paige Cuthbertson – Ivory Coast
Aquila and Rachel Darimani – Ghana
Dave and Marcia Darlin – Hong Kong
Sambhu and Saramma (Molly) De – India
Areobaldo and Nilza Decarvalho – Cape Verde
Jake and Joy Dewald – Dominican Republic
Don and Christine Dillman – Scotland
Bernard and Bernice Dodeler – France
Jeremie and Damaris Dodeler – France
Tim and Alice Dysert – Spain
Eddie and Angelia Ee – Indonesia
Bob and Marjorie Engelhart – Ivory Coast
Jon and Rachael Facenda – South Korea
Cleverson and Stefanie Faria – Dominican Republic
Steve and Brenda Faucette – Canada
Mike and Vicky Fester – Peru
Mike and Jennifer Fiocchi – Albania
Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald – Peru
Mike and Sarah Frueh – Hungary
Bekah Fruin – Cambodia
Ron and Tina Fruin – Cambodia
Santhosh and Sophia (Sophie) George – India
Michael and Emily Germi – Usa
Jesse and Larua Garza – USA
Eric and Katie Graham – South Africa
James and Amy Greenwood – (On Leave of Absence)
Lucho and Sharla Gutierrez – Spain
Brent and Karolyn Halstead – Kenya
Ben and Andrea Hamilton – USA
Darren and Elizabeth Hammermeister – Canada
Paul and Jo Anna Harmon – Uruguay
Dan and Karyn Hassman – South Africa
Bill and Patsy Hawk – Spain
Kim Heimerl – Brazil
Philip and Bethany Herwaldt – USA
Les and Jennifer Hill – Ireland
Don and Susan Holmes – Mexico
Danny and Sherry Hyden – USA
Tom and Anna Johnson – Cambodia
Matt and Courtney Jones – Thailand
Tim and Elisabeth Knickerbocker – France
Dan and Dee Kowach – South Korea
Tom and Penny Latham – Brazil
Greg and Amanda Little – Saint Lucia
Anne Livingston – Haiti
Kelly Love – Brazil
Frank and Jennifer Maietta – Italy
Jeremy and Laura Markle – Puerto Rico
Dave and Betsy Mccrorie – Canada
Steve and Brandie Mckinley – Ireland
Pat and Wanda Melton – Japan
Tim and Kimberley Melton – Japan
Roland and Vera Mitchum – Canada
Mark and Denise Nelsen – France
Oriel and Rosemary (Heather) O’Gorman – Ireland
Roger and Mary Parrow – Ireland
Bob and Liz Patton – USA
Archie and Maria (Ruth) Perez – Uruguay
Dan and Sharon Pero – Ireland
Aaron and Jennifer Peterson – Germany
Tim and Cynthia Peterson – Germany
Jimmy Pierre – Haiti
Garth and Lynette Piper – New Zealand
Adam and Jodi Pittman – Dominican Republic
Javier and Lizzanette Pizarro – Puerto Rico
Michael and Tina Rains – Kenya
Jeff and Jayne Reason – Canada
Tejay and Karina Rene – Belarus
Jon and Micki Rehfeldt – Uruguay
Joe and Lindsay Risinger – Uganda
Dan and Sharon Roberts – Japan
Josh and Rachel Roberts – Wales
Joel and Joleen Sandahl – Germany
Nathan and Hannah Schrock – Ivory Coast
James and Joyce Sechrest – Furlough Replacement
Josep and Sara Segurado – Spain
Dan and Lyn Sehested – Romania
Ben and Katie Shore – Scotland
Rick and Susan Simonsen – Kenya
Ben and Becca Sinclair – Cameroon
Matt and Amanda Smith – Colombia
Robert and Mary Southard – Furlough Replacement
Jon and Hannah Speights – Brazil
Nathanael and Linette Steinbart – Kenya
Nick and Emilie Stoll – Nepal
Jon and Lena Stover – Germany
Joey and Jenny Tacon – Italy
Michael and Marsha Talley – Germany
Ray and Jennifer Teachout – Canada
Jeff and Becky Thibaudeau – USA
Pete and Gail Tidd – Winston-Salem, NC
Alexander Tingbani – Ghana
Gary and Yvonne Trometer – Brazil
Paula VanNatta – Puerto Rico
Don and Jill Vanderhoof – Germany
Tuakah and Ruth Whiangar – Liberia
David and Jennifer Willis – Spain
Jim and Myra Wright – Furlough Replacement
Dean and Sue Zemke – Japan
David and Vickie Zimmerman – Canada