Keeping the role of family members framed and operating within Biblical mandates is part of building solid families. A look at Ephesians 5:22-33 provides us with clear direction for these roles. Christ is to be the center of Christian families and we should take notice that it is Christ who has the largest number of verses attributed to his responsibilities.

Husbands are to follow in their relationship with their wives the example that Christ sets with His relationship to the church. Christ moves the church toward purity, gives to the church, loves the church, and provides for the church.

There is something truly remarkable that Christ did for the church that, when a husband follows it, will strengthen his marriage: Christ initiated reconciliation when He had done no wrong. It is unfortunate that marriages easily fall into the trap being driven by reactions. “He did this so I will do this,” “She said this so I will say this.” Gentlemen, there is no excuse for you not initiating reconciliation when difficulties come between you and your wife. Start saying, “Christ reconciled, so I must do the same!”

Written by Mike Williquette, Business Director of Baptist World Mission