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Monthly bank drafting is one of the easiest ways for donors who contribute the same amount to the same missionaries/projects each month.  A bank draft is an electronic transaction that takes money from one bank account and sends it to another. If you would like to have a set amount deducted from your bank account each month to support a missionary/project, simply click HERE to download the application.  When you have printed and completed it, please send it to us using the postal address shown on the application.

If you intend to donate regularly to a BWM missionary,  please inform us completing the Contact Donor Services form on the right, sending a message that includes the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your position (if making the commitment for a church or organization)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Monthly contribution amount

Thank you for your consideration of the needs of a BWM missionary.

Donor receipts show..

These are the current means in which donors may give to Baptist World Mission and/or its missionaries:

  • Check/Money Order
  • Automated Bank Draft
  • Online Credit/Debit Card (coming soon)

PERSONAL OCCASION GIFTS – NON DEDUCTIBLE Gifts made for personal occasions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc.)  are not tax-deductible to the donor and will not be taxable to the missionary.  When sending your gift, please make a note indicating the recipient name(s) and that your gift is personal and non-tax-deductible (i.e. John Smith – personal gift – not deductible, Christmas).  We will deposit it directly into their personal account and notify them of your gift.  You will receive a receipt that indicates that your gift is non-deductible.

MINISTRY OCCASION GIFTS – DEDUCTIBLE If you wish to give to support a missionary’s ministry at Christmas, include a note to that effect (John Smith – additional support, Christmas).  We will apply your gift to the missionary’s ministry/support account and mail you a receipt indicating that your contribution is tax-deductible.

NOTE:  All Christmas gifts should be received no later than November 30 to ensure the missionary will receive it by Christmas.

We have a sacred trust before God to use all gifts given us wisely. For those who see the need to further the work of missions and wish to give to Baptist World Mission on a regular basis during their lifetime we offer gift annuities. For those wishing to give after their death, we offer information regarding giving through one’s will.


For those wishing to give to Baptist World Mission, the following wording may prove helpful in the preparation of your will. We are a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Illinois. Our tax identification number is 36-6095549.

Sample bequest language:

I bequeath the sum of $____________ or ____________% of my estate to Baptist World Mission, Attn: Stewardship Ministry, PO Box 2149, Decatur, AL 35602-2149, to be used for its work in worldwide missions.

If you have already included Baptist World Mission or any of our missionaries in your will, please contact us so we can say “thank you.”


Through the years Baptist World Mission has received numerous gifts from individuals who wanted to see mission work continue after their death. Through the means of a will you to can plan ahead for the distribution of your assets. If you would like to make Baptist World Mission recipient in your will, you may use the following text in your will:

“I wish to contribute $_______ (or) _______% to Baptist World Mission PO Box 2149 Decatur, AL 35602”

If you have made us a beneficiary in your will, please let us know so we can thank you.

  • Why should I send the mailback (the lower portion of my receipt from my last gift) with my next contribution? The lower portion of your last receipt has everything we need to properly credit your account for your new contribution. With the mailback, we can process your contribution eight-times faster than without it! This greatly helps us to keep our costs low and our time best-spent.
  • What information should I place on my check? Placing your account number on the check is extremely helpful to insure that we credit your account correctly for your gift.
  • When should I expect my receipt? Receipts are mailed weekly so you can expect your receipt a couple of weeks after BWM receives your donation.
  • Do I have to send a separate check for each missionary I support? One check for all missionaries you support is the best method.
  • Will my receipt be sent by bulk or first-class mail? BWM desires to save money any way possible so most receipts will be sent bulk mail. This means your receipt envelope will not have an actual stamp on it so you may be tempted to think it is solicitation.
  • What percentage of my donation goes to pay for the home office? BWM does not take a percentage of donations but charges a flat rate per missionary family. This rate is built into the missionary’s budget before they ever leave for their field of service.  Since the fixed amount is built into the budget, missionary special projects have absolutely no administrative costs.  All funds received for these projects will go toward that project.

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