Why should every Christian be committed to the Great Commission? Some Christians focus on compassion for the lost, pointing to Christ Who looked upon the multitudes as sheep in need of a Shepherd (Matthew 9:35-38). Others choose to concentrate on our responsibility to obey Christ’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Matthew 28:19-20). Some emphasize the ultimate aim to glorify God (Revelation 5:9-13). The truth is, all three are legitimate, biblical motivations which should compel every born-again believer to enlist in Great Commission living. The plight of the lost should overwhelm us with compassion. The command of Christ should compel us to service. Certainly, no motivation exceeds our privilege to advance God’s sovereign plan in this age for the sake of His Glory.

Yes, it is right to be emotionally drawn by the missionary’s presentation of men, women and children in need of a Savior. Yes, it is right to feel guilty when the preacher points out every Christian’s responsibility to the Great Commission. Yes, it is right to aspire to be a vessel unto God’s glory above any personal ambition.

Written by Dr. Kevin Brosnan, Field Administrator with Baptist World Mission