Recently, the Lord spoke to my heart out of Psalm 107. This wonderful psalm gives several pictures of various circumstances of life, which all lead to the same refrain, “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” No matter what our situation in life, God allows it, and wants to use it, to cause us to see the goodness of the Lord, so we will offer our praise for His grace in our lives. Sometimes the situation involves man’s sin and rebellion, sometimes his foolishness, other times it is just what God has allowed into our lives. But, in each case, the Lord hears our cry and delivers. The psalm then lists several of God’s wonderful works, which show His grace and goodness to man.

The Psalmist concludes by declaring that we are wise when we observe life, noticing His goodness and understand His lovingkindness to us. How do we look at our trials, our failures and our problems in life? Let’s look past the trial to see the goodness of the Lord—in all things! In spite of trials, God has been good to us! And so, we lift our voice in praise to the Lord for His goodness—to us!

Written by Dr. Dave Canedy, Deputation Director and Field Administrator with Baptist World Mission