Faith Baptist Church, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Faith Baptist Church, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Over the last year we were finally able to move our services from rented and expensive facilities to our own property. For now, we have been meeting in the parsonage at the back of the property but we are running out of room. We would like for our national pastor to move into the parsonage as well. We have been able to build the foundation and the walls for the first level. The next step in a concrete ceiling slab. The cost for this is $27000. Once we have that ceiling slab we will move our services to the auditorium. The next phase will the second level which will contain Sunday school classrooms and a fellowship hall. The total need for this project is $80000. Pray with us for the Lord to supply for Igreja Batista da Fe (Faith baptist church) in the western section of the great city of Sao Paulo.

Thank you for your consideration of this ministry need.

Roberto and Patricia Coelho
BWM Missionaries to Sau Paulo, Brazil

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Raising $80,000 USD