Grace Baptist Project, Peru

Grace Baptist Project, Peru

In order for the church to be a strong independent body, we believe that it must become a self-governing, self-supporting, and self-multiplying church. For years we as a church have been praying for mature leadership, a Peruvian pastor, and a church property. As we see God moving us forward in each area, we are now focusing specifically on a purchasing a large, strategic lot which will serve the church for generations.

The property we are now looking at is in an excellent location, very visible, and well-priced for the area. It is located in town right on the highway which crosses East to West all the way through the country. It is easily accessible and not too far for any of our people. It also has all of the necessary documents and all utilities already connected.

We have some tentative goals, which will only be possible with true partnership:

  • 2016 – purchase a church property
  • 2017 – construct a church building and classrooms
  • 2018 – install a Peruvian pastor allowing us to launch into full-time river ministry.

The asking price for the land is about $88,000.

Thank you for your consideration of this ministry need.

Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald
BWM Missionaries to Peru

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