Hawk 50th Anniversary Ecuador Church-Planting Project

Hawk 50th Anniversary Ecuador Church-Planting Project

Bill Hawk and Pastor Angel will visit Ecuador to confirm the churches, conduct ministry seminars and provide various types of edification and assistance, including materials for VBS and transportation assistance.

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During the past 15 years, Love of God Baptist Church in Madrid provided a Thursday evening Bible institute level of teaching, emphasizing doctrinal purity and practical methodology, in-depth doctrinal study, preacher preparation and leadership training. As a result, they have had good number of men and women pressing ahead in church planting and evangelism in Madrid.

Sunday School and VBS: Bertha and Raul, Lorena, Mercedes, Daniel and Nancy
Music: Olga, Henry, Martin, and Segundo
Preaching: Raul, Jamie, Filemon
Administration: Ufo, Norma, Cynthia, Henry
Evangelism: Alfonso, Alba Mery, and many others
Encouragers: Agustina, Filemon, Ufo
Youth: Cristian, Daisey, Jaime
Overseers: Pastor Angel, Bill and Patsy Hawk

Those who have gone out from the church in Madrid:

1. Jose and Verónica San Miguel de Común – Quito
2. Raúl and Elsa  San Miguel de Comun – Quito
3. Milton and Liliana San Agustín – Quito
4. Jimena San Agustin – Quito
5. Jorge and Filomena – opening a building for preaching
6. Diana and Pedro – assisting Jorge and Filomena

Francisco and Karina – church group meeting in their home

Segundo and Cynthia (local church) – assistant pastor

Victor – street evangelism and Bible study

The amount we are raising for this project is to purchase the following:
$2,900 – plane tickets and car rental
1,575 – board and room for two @ $25 a day
1,000 – Jose, Raul, and Milton and Pastor Angel ($250 service love gifts)
500 – VBS six days – materials, food, prizes for 100 children
200 – materials for seminar program (two modulos: 1. Angel – doctrinal; 2. Bill – practical)
500 – travel assistance for out-of-town attendees
$6,675 total

Here is a sketch outline of the work that is our extension in Ecuador through the two families of Raul and Jose:
They arrived the end of August 2015 and immediately began regular Sunday morning services. Their ministry is one-on-one evangelism in their pueblo, with the goal of planting a local church. They are not missionary supported, so they must find work on nearly a daily basis. Our church in Madrid is able to send a little bit of financial support to help with their church needs. They are reaching children in the pueblo with Sunday school and VBS. The two VBS times that they have had involved more than 100 children (each year). They are using music to reach the community and have used two Christmas cantatas and one Easter cantata with good attendance and interest. They are doing in-home fellowship meals and films. They began their services in the home of Raul, and now a year and a half later, they have rented a hall that opens to the town square. Several have been saved, and when we were there in April 2016, they baptized four new believers. The church was officially established on Easter Sunday in April 2016. Their attendance today is around 25.

Would you please consider helping fund this need?

Bill Hawk

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Raising $6,675 USD