Seminary Student Help, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Seminary Student Help, Porto Alegre, Brazil

We have two students from our church who want to study in our Baptist World Mission seminary in Porto Alegre. Karine has finished one year already and wants to continue. Mauricio works 44 hours a week, riding his motorcycle back and forth from the seminary in Porto Alegre to our city, about an hour’s commute. His job is here in Gravataí, and he needs to work to pay his way. I am concerned about his travel in the winter and in the rain. I would like to see him be able to live in the seminary building and find a job close by.

Both Karine and Mauricio have finished Penny’s Sunday school training and work in our church in various capacities. We want to help them for their four years of studies, either here in the Porto Alegre area or in Curitiba, where there is also a very good independent Baptist seminary. We would appreciate it if you would consider this project. If you are interested in helping fund the studies of these two worthy seminary students, please contact Baptist World Mission and contribute to the Seminary Student Help – Brazil fund. Thank you!

Tom and Penny Latham
BWM Missionaries in Brazil

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