Trials are a part of every believer’s life. According to James 1:5-8 it is assumed that every believer will experience trials. The word “trials” describes things that put a person to the test. Each believer will experience testing of different degree and type.

What is a believer to do during such testing? Should he ask God to rid him of the trial? Should she find ways to get out from under the trial? When we lack wisdom concerning the trial we are to “ask of God.” In this context, wisdom means understanding the nature and purpose of trials, and knowing how to meet them victoriously. God wants His children to understand trials such that they “count it all joy.” Can you imagine seeing joy in the way someone handles trials? What a testimony of someone who understands them as a means by which God is making “perfect and entire” His child.

There one more important note: the “perfect and entire” state is a current state. It does not mean that future progress stops. It also doesn’t mean that one has “arrived.” It means that at that particular time you are showing maturity. Since there are many levels of maturity the next trial will move you, if you “let patience have her perfect work,” to your next level of maturity.

Written by Mike Williquette, Business Director of Baptist World Mission